About us

Lighting LUMI-MAKS d.o.o. is one of the leading lighting companies in Croatia, for decorative lighting and industrial lighting. We are successfully cooperating with leading designers and contractors in Croatia in the repair of hotel, business and public buildings.
We also work a lot with designers in Austria,Slovenia,Cipar,London,Srbia.
We offer all kinds of lighting fixtures ranging from chandeliers, ceiling lights, reflectors, towers, halogen lamps to various floor, table and wall lamps, and LED lighting that meets the most desirable of their own production.
We are able to create all types of blown glass according to your wishes and the wishes of your architects and designers. We have the production of shades of plastified paper, fabric in RAL You need/want. We also produce various kinds of armor for floor, desk and wall lamps ranging from different sizes and shapes to brass, chrome or stainless steel depending on the wishes of your architects.
Our special advantage is in a variety of designs, so our lighting can equip you with a very modernly designed space as well as one in a classic style.